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My favorite musicians


My favorite musicians

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When it comes to music, we all have our own personal tastes about the type of music that we are listening to. Some of certain musicians, while other like different musicians. This is because of the type of music that they are playing. For me, there are a lot of different musicians that I like and that I am listening to. This might not be your taste, but a lot of people will agree that these musicians are popular and that they have a lot of talent. These are just some of the musicians that I like to listen to and that are for sure my top favorite in the world:

Juliana Hatfield

Most of you will know this great singer, Juliana Hatfield. She was born on July 27, 1967. She is a legend and I love her music. She had albums like Beautiful Creature, Gold Stars 1992–2002: The Juliana Hatfield Collection, and in Exile Deo.

The guitar is her primary instrument and with this instrument, she is singing some of the best songs that I have ever heard. For sure is she one of my favorite musicians.

 The Beatles

Most of the people of the Beatles might not be with us anymore, but they are still popular and one of my favorite musicians of all time. Their songs are timeless and everyone is still listening to these songs. Some other musicians also took some of the Beatles songs and modify it and making it into mixes for the younger generation.

Songs like I want to hold your hand, Penny Lane, Hey Jude, and Girl are just some of their most popular songs. Songs that I am still listening to as much as possible. The best thing is that you can now purchase their CD to listen to old music on new technology.


U2 is an Irish rock band, and one of my favorite musicians of all time. They might be a band and not a single musician, but they are really making good music. Music that you can listen to all the time.

They also have a variety of songs that are popular all over the world, and that is timeless. Meaning that everyone is listening to it. Young and old. Some of these songs are The Fly, Gloria, Mysterious ways and Pride.


Who doesn’t remember ABBA? Again, not a single musician, but they are a musical group that I love to listen to. Especially, during Christmas time. Their music is unique and is calming when you had a very stressful day.

Some of their favorite and popular songs are Mama Mia, the winner takes it all, Fernando, and Waterloo. Maybe the teenagers of today might not listen to them, but they are legends and I love them.

Musicians and music groups are a part of our everyday lives. The great thing about music is that no one has similar tastes and doesn’t have the same favorite musicians. These are some of my favorite musicians and even if some aren’t singing anymore, they are legends and will be remembered forever.

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