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Miligram Album

Miligram Album

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Miligram is a project that is conceived as an album with 10 performers, 10 new songs in 10 different music styles.
Working on this album, I got the feeling that as the job moved, less and less I used my knowledge, and I learned more and more. My plan was to interweave various music genres, in a way that I could draw out all my strength from the hand – that everything is being led by large, wide melodies, the sound of the Balkans and R & B elements.

The artists who visit Miligram are in some way considered to be my own personal heroes, because the task of ten different energies uniting in the homogeneous whole of the album was initially unrecognizable.
The artists I have chosen for this album in my opinion are some of the most inspiring and most complete artists in the Balkans.

Miligram featuring Željko Joksimović – LIBERO

Libero is a song that was originally intended for this position on the album, primarily because of its breadth to which the great interpretation of Željko Joksimović gave a completely new dimension. Interweaving the Balkans, rock and elements of classical music fully fits Zeljko’s sensibility so that the end result is a song of great power and clear messages.

Miligram featuring Alen Ademovic – KRUŠKA

This song has grown to my heart a lot. Harmonica, R & B rhythm and Alen’s fantastic interpretation were a great opportunity for me to try to get the maximum energy with just these three elements, and all that remains in the context of Alen who grieves for his love. I think I succeeded.

Miligram featuring Saša Matić – LOŠA STARA VREMENA

Sasha is a singer of incredible possibilities. As soon as I finished this song I knew that he was the best choice for that track. I did the grandiose moments in the poem imagining that this song opens the Olympic Games. Sasha has a vocal who can do something like that.
I’m glad that we managed to combine the Balkan and Italian sounds, because I think that in such a combination, Sasa as a performer can still offer a lot and that this is the right path for him.

Miligram Featuring Severina – LOLA

Severina is one of the most beautiful artists and people I’ve been working with. Its energy is enormous – it emits some kind of lightness so that as soon as you enter the studio, you are getting extra energy. The song LOLA is full of rhythm and happiness, no matter what it says about a girl who is disappointed in love.
In one part of the song, I recite something, I hope that I did not spoil Severina’s phenomenal interpretation. Let the audience evaluate 

Miligram featuring Tifa – 21 VJESK

Typha has the status of a legendary singer, it’s a vocal for a long time. Regardless of the bold desire that Tiffa was hosting me on the album, I was not sure in which direction and environment his vocal would best come to fruition, especially since the audience has long been used to seeing him in a completely different context.
Then the idea that the song Typha sang should be unexpected, the new one – that he never sang anything similar, then I offered him a poem 21 VEKA. A rhythm similar to Fugees, rock guitars and buzuki with the theme that the 21st century filled with false emotions brought a new dimension in which Tifa, in my opinion, came phenomenally. I am experiencing this song as a turn for both Typhus and me.

Miligram featuring Željko Samardžić – ZATO KRADEM

Zeljko Samardzic is the only contractor with whom I cooperated earlier. What I love most about his interpretation is that regardless of the song – his emotion at the start is set, he emits some kind of peace and love, so that this broad, lazy, perfectly blend with his sensibility.
He is certainly one of the singers with whom I will continue to cooperate because I think that despite his long career, he can still do a lot of that.

Miligram featuring Jelena Rozga – NEVJERAN DO GROBA

Jelena is very sweet. I think this song presents her in a completely new light because she managed to bring a serious text and hard interpretation into a youthful and emotional way. The song is a combination of jazz elements with a clear pop approach. When we finished singing, we moved both to discover what we got. We were thrilled with the result.
I think that these and similar music approaches are the right way to continue her career.

Miligram featuring Emina Jahovic – NEMILO

The song “Nemilo” is a clear pop with the elements of the Balkans with which I wanted to simply relax the atmosphere of the album at one moment and to get something rhythmic, connected and emotionally.
That’s exactly how I feel Emin’s vocals – with lots of sand in the voice and the incredible musicality she possesses. Simply in my head relied on the interpretations of Vanessa Paradis and similar, horribly sensible vocals that are believed in the strings. I think that the phenomenal atmosphere of the work was transferred to the poem itself.

Miligram featuring Milena Vucic – BESMRTNA

This song is a combination of Budha Bar and Brit rock, with lots of parts, lots of musical and harmonic changes, because simply and this style I made and Milena’s interpretation allow such an approach