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About us

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MILIGRAM MUSIC was founded on April 8, 2004 at the initiative of the founder Aleksandar Milic – Milija. Bearing in mind that the protection of the right authors in Serbia is one of the worst in the region, Mili decided to open his own company and entrust all of his copyright to MILIGRAM MUSIC. The realization of this ambitious project has opened an entirely new chapter in the protection of authorship in Serbia.

The first official engagement of MILIGRAM MUSIC was the implementation of a joint venture contract with CECA MUSIC, and related to all the rights to Svetlana Cecca Raznatovic. After the signing of this contract, the album “GORE OD LJUBAVI” was launched, which MILIGRAM MUSIC I placed on the market.

Ambitious business ventures continued in the years to come. In June 2004, MILIGRAM MUSIC, in cooperation with DISTRI COLOR from Novi Sad, is selling a completely new project Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic in a very original way. The model consisted of a commercial package of the new Cd and specialized magazine SVET CECA SPECIAL. The distribution of this product was done through a kiosk system throughout Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The album, in this way, was accessible to the broadest group of listeners and sold in a circulation that overcame all the previous jobs in the music world of the region.

After that, MILIGRAM MUSIC organizes the European tour of Cece Raznatovic. The full halls were an indicator of a great media campaign, but serious marketing and placement of the current album. Serious work brought seriousness to Ceca’s popularity.

The next music project of MILIGRAM MUSIC was LONDON MIX, a compilation of the best Milic’s songs in the performance by Svetlana Raznatovic, which was originally processed by the famous English producer Vrac on Million Idea. The project appeared in sales in June 2005. In cooperation with the newspaper house The BLIC compilation was efficiently distributed, and the audience once again confirmed that they understood Meli’s ideas.

LONDON MIX started with the realization of the new album Svetlana Raznatovic. In parallel with the preparation of new music material, the organization of a spectacular concert on Usce started. The IDEAL LOSE album on sale appeared on the very day of the concert, on June 17, 2006. A serious campaign led 100,000 people to Usce, and the number of visitors was an excellent confirmation of the quality work of a serious production such as MILIGRAM MUSIC. MILIGRAM MUSIC has confirmed that concerts that meet all the world standards can be made in Serbia.

One of the biggest challenges was the work on the returning CD of Lepa Brena. MILIGRAM MUSIC, with the album Udji slobodno, and later on with the tour, once again moved the borders that dominate the domestic music scene. There followed concerts that surpassed everything seen in Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro.

Among its most ambitious projects, MILIGRAM MUSIC lists the album of regional music stars, which would be presented to the audience at the end of 2009. Backing up of people who speak the same language is one of the goals of the edition. That’s why the most attractive and greatest names from the territory of the former Yugoslavia were engaged on the project and the most attractive names from the territory of former Yugoslavia … Sasa Matic, Severina, Tifa, Nina Badric, Zeljko Joksimovic, Zeljko Samardzic, Alen Ademovic, Emina Jahovic, Milena Vucic.